Begins at 8:40. University of Pennsylvania Africana Studies “Brave Testimony” Program.

Husnaa Hashim performs for Stellar Mass I: Firmament at the Free Library of Philadelphia May 9, 2018 Stellar Masses was a series of site-specific events featuring poetry, video, music, performance and sermons that embraced the sacred and interstellar. Presented with support from the Daniel W. Dietrich II Foundation, and Stellar Mass I was in partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Begins at 7:18. 12th Annual Conference Imam Mahdi (ajtfs) - The Only Savior of Humanity Topic: Poetry Slam Speaker: Mohsin Jaffrey, Husnaa Hashim, Huma Waseem, Saiyid Akber Rizvi, Aqeela Naqvi Venue: Dearborn Michigan , At a Glance

"This thing I use to stay alive - An Interview with Poet Husnaa Hashim" by Kirsten Ogden

". . . Is poetry a way for you to empower these identities? 

Thank you. And I would argue the timelessness of identity. It’s only now that people who have not historically and systemically been marginalized are grappling with the reality of silence and multiplicity, but as a Black person I never have the luxury of escape. . .”

APIARY Magazine - "An Interview with Husnaa Hashim, Philadelphia Youth Poet Laureate" by Alexa Smith

"Writing isn't separate from everyday living, so when you create time for writing you are creating time to live authentically ..."

“I Am Enough, Too: a Review of Honey Sequence by Husnaa hashiM” by Cassie Wilson

"The poems in Hashim's new book reveal a society operating like a cage that attempts to trap individuals into a specific box.  Hashim's poems offer a counterpoint to society's racism, sexism, and homophobia....."

APIARY Magazine - "A Poet's Resolutions/

Revolutions" Compiled by Steven Burns 

"In 2018 I hope that the poetry community in Philadelphia commits itself to healing, accountability, and sincerity....."

rookieMag so much closer - "For Gaokerena" by Husnaa hashim

"'What you seek is seeking you.'"―Rumi

i think of you. with arteries cemented into ground
you are a beating heart that i keep in the palm of my hand ... "

Sapelo Square - "Ramadan 1439/2018: Black Muslims Reflect on the Qur’an – Juz’ 16" Article by husnaa hashim

"By decalcifying our understanding of what it means to be human, these surahs remind us of the groundedness of this world and the reality of the next..."

KidSpirit Online - "Strategic Resistance in the House" Article by Husnaa Hashim

"...Our collective liberation as a global community is entirely dependent upon our recognizing varying forms of segregation, and doing what we can to dismantle the systems. Fighting division for the sake of unity is a great idea. However, through unification, we must be careful not to erase the qualities that make us different..."

KidSpirit Online - "warm Cheeks" Article by husnaa hashim

" ... Proceeding to the basement of the synagogue, the large group of high school students and mentors of various religious backgrounds and traditions form a circle. I take my place. During this particular session we go on learn about food insecurity, de-poverty, and reformed Judaism. We make challah bread, my brown hands dipping into white flour and braiding a strand that will be baked and shared with the other students ..."

"intersections" by husnaa hashim

"... It is about dissecting my skin -

Codifying a lineage through the coffee grounds; violated burial grounds of

Philadelphia soil ladened with the burden of disintegrating Native bodies

How I dig up the remains to plant my roses

On this day

What is the opposite of healing bruised Earth?

Is it the bruising? ..."

"Meet philly's new youth poet laureate, out of mastery charter" by John timpane

'"I’m writing about identity,” says Husnaa Hashim, “about being multiple things at once – a woman, a Muslim, an African American. Authenticity is very important to me: I am all the things I am, all of the time. I’m here in front of you in a really, really raw form.'

If that sounds like a poet talking, it is. If it sounds like a mature, older woman talking, one who has lived a long time and knows herself, her art, and the world, yes, Hashim is that, too – only she’s 17 ..."

"if we continue to cut our arts programs we won't have students like youssef kromah and Philly youth poet laureate husnaa hashim" by Sharif El-mekki

"... And, most recently, one of our students had the tremendous honor of being selected as Philadelphia’s Youth Poet Laureate. Husnaa Hashim was a runner up for this award last year. As we challenge all of our students to do, “Fall down seven times, get up eight…” As she often does in life, Husnaa took another swing at this coveted award this year ..."

"philadelphia names its newest youth poet laureate" by peter crimmins

"First things first: the new Youth Poet Laureate will be Husnaa Hashim, a student at Mastery Shoemaker charter school, who is spending her senior year taking advanced classes at the Community College of Philadelphia.

The selection committee chose her because of the strength of her poetry and her unique voice: her grandmother was a Black Panther, her mother grew up in Iran. Hashim is Muslim, wears a Hijab, speaks Farsi, and is active in Philadelphia’s performance poetry slams ..."

"why these muslim students fear a trump presidency" by the  huffington post

"Ahead of the Democratic National Convention, Muslim students and educators in Philadelphia describe the chilling possibilities if Donald Trump were elected president."

"young muslims and educators discuss anti-islamic bigotry, marginalization" by jehron muhammad

" ... When it became her turn to address the radio audience, Shoemaker 10th grader and aspiring journalist and poet Husnaa Hashim said, at her school Muslim’s wear their Islam 'as a symbol of pride.'"

“‘Identity’ by Author Husnaa Hashim”

"…I cannot escape the

veil on my head

fabric I draped at the age of nine when I was taught to

wrap myself in expectation..."